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Why ReturnsManager?

We bring clarity to one of the biggest

E-Commerce struggles.

(Note: Some features listed are still in beta for a limited amount of users)

Returns Manager is built and designed to simplify customer returns and to bring you back the most value from returned items.

With returns manager you can Receive, Process, Evaluate and Update your stock into your inventory management software, most Importantly the communication between your desk to the warehouse associates.

You can receive and reconcile your Amazon FBA Removals without any delays, view customer return/reasons, and much more.

Full process for item diagnostics, grading, SKU/Condition change. 

You can setup alerts when items arrive, and special receiving instructions.

With our built-in case manager, you will be able to reclaim money that might wait for you.

With our external user feature, you can provide limited access to companies you are outsourcing to.

Returns manager imports your RMA's from a variety of marketplaces or you can create your own and can be received with a click of a button (Beta).

With our return to vendor (RTV) process, you can easily send item defects or other items covered by your vendor's return policy promptly (Beta).

With our CCTV integration, you can lookup/download camera footage at the time of receiving in seconds (Beta).

There is much more waiting for you. try now by signing up or request a demo.

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